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Decatur, Springfield and Jacksonville, IL Personal Injury: Steps to take after a car accident causes an injury

Here’s what you should do next if you’ve been injured in a car accident

Have you ever been in a car accident? Would you know what to do if you ever were involved in a collision and you were injured? Unfortunately, many drivers could not tell you what steps to take in case of an accident.  For the average driver, these things happen so rarely that it’s difficult to remember what exactly you should be doing when someone hits your car, especially if you’re injured in the collision. With that in mind, here are some tips about what you should do if you’ve been injured in an accident. Remember – you can always call LaMarca Law for answers to your personal injury questions!

stay at the scene of your car accident

Stay Where You Are

The first piece of advice is to stay at the scene of the car accident. Whether the accident was your fault or not, it looks bad when you leave the scene of an accident, and you may be charged with a crime if someone else was injured or killed and you leave the scene.

an ambulance on the way to a car accident

Confirm Everyone’s Safety

The next step is to confirm that everyone involved is safe and unharmed. If someone is harmed, the most important thing is to call an ambulance for medical assistance. Avoid moving or shift any injured persons as even small movements could cause major injury or even paralysis.

car accident with police

Call the Police

In the case of a major accident where damage is done, and people are injured, you always call the police to come do a report from the scene of an accident. If both parties leave, and no report is filed, there’s no record of the event ever happening, which means you won’t be able to collect in a lawsuit.

exchange insurance information after a car accident

Exchange/Collect Information

If both parties are compliant, it’s best practice to exchange insurance information at the scene of the accident, before the police arrive. Once the police arrive, they’ll have all the information they need to complete the report. If someone is trying to make a run for it – do your best to memorize details including the type of car, the color of the car, license plate number, or a description of the driver.

auto accident witness

Talk to Witnesses

If you plan on pursuing legal action against the person that hit you, or if you think legal action will be taken against you, it’s best to start talking to any witnesses on the scene. Exchange contact information and ask if they’d be willing to give a statement. In court, it could be the strength of the witnesses that help prove your case.

medical records from car accident

Track Medical Records

If you have to receive medical treatment due to the injuries, always keep records of those visits, medications prescribed and any important information provided by the physician about your condition or injuries.

take pictures of your car accident

Take Pictures

In addition to witnesses, physical evidence will go a long way to proving your story should the case go to court. Pictures are one of the best ways that you can document what happened. You have a smartphone, so there are no reasons not to have sufficient pictures of the accident.

insurance claims after car accidents

Go Through the Insurance Process

The next steps it to file a claim with your insurance company an go about receiving medical treatments and repairs to your vehicle. Let the insurance company deal with the other driver, especially if they fled the scene of the accident.

car accident attorney

Consult an Attorney

When it comes to car accidents, there are a lot of competing interests including both parties involved in the incident and both insurance companies. It’s important to ensure that you’re being represented by someone that has your best interest in mind. By consulting an attorney, you’ll gain valuable insight into your own situation as to how you can protect yourself and pursue compensation for your injuries!



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