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Workers’ Comp for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in Springfield Illinois

Is there a tingling sensation or uncomfortable pain running from your forearm to your fingers? Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is an injury common in workplaces that involve heavy usage of your hands. It is an injury that is caused when your median nerve is pinched and affects people all throughout the workforce. LaMarca Law Office is here for your legal counsel if you are suffering from carpal tunnel as the result of your job. We understand that not being able to work can be a financial burden, which is why we are so dedicated to representing your rights and advocating for a resolution that is in your best interest.

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Do You Have Carpal Tunnel?

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome doesn’t always show in the form of intense pain. If you suffer from this condition, pain happens on a variety of levels from mild pain to a more severe case of numbness. If you are experiencing pain in your hand as the result of your job, notify your employer right away. Other symptoms of Carpal Tunnel include:

• Forearm Pain or Discomfort
• Wrist Pain or Discomfort
• Pain in Fingers
• Tingling Sensation
• Burning Sensation
• Numbness in Fingers
• Weakness in Hands

Common Jobs Where Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Occurs

While everyone is at risk for carpal tunnel syndrome, some occupations run a higher risk than others. If you are in a work environment where you are constantly using your hands, you are more susceptible. Jobs that have more risk for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome include:

• Typists
• Writers
• Secretarial Positions

• Office Jobs
• Technical Support

• Customer Service
• General Laborers

carpal tunnel syndrome springfield il

Contact Our Law Office for Your Claims

Stop suffering each day with the annoying pain ranging from your elbow to your fingers. Instead, contact LaMarca Law Office for help receiving compensation that you could be entitled to. It can present a challenge determining that your Carpal Tunnel was a result of your work. However, we have a team of attorneys with experience in finding quality resolutions that are in our clients’ best interests. Don’t suffer in silence, contact our law office today to work on your workers’ compensation claim.

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