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Put our 40 years of experience to work for you.  We help our clients throughout Central Illinois who are victims of work injuries, auto accidents, and other mishaps caused by unsafe conditions or the negligence of others. Our firm specializes in workers’ compensation, car accidents, and personal injury law.

Your Legal Representation for Construction Injuries

Any person working within a construction zone or on a site understands the numerous hazards and dangers that are around. It is the nature of the job. But just because your job requires some danger (despite taking proper safety measures) doesn’t mean you are obligated to suffer construction injuries that could potentially put you out of work. LaMarca Law Office knows your rights as a construction worker in Springfield, Illinois. If you suffered an injury on the job, you could be entitled to fair compensation. It is our mission to help workers in the construction industry, regardless if you are commercial, residential, highway, or union workers. We know your rights and can properly represent you.

Common Accidents at Construction Sites

If you recently suffered a devastating injury while on the job due to one of the following reasons, you could be entitled to workers’ compensation. Contact our legal team if you experienced a:

• Ladder Accident
• Scaffolding Accident
• Forklift Accident

• Crane Accident
• Equipment Negligence
• Electrocution

• Heavy Machinery Accident
• Structural Collapse
• Construction Zone Accident

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Workers’ Compensation Covers
Highway Construction Workers

If you are wondering whether highway construction zone workers have the right to compensation if they get injured on the job – they do. The extreme speeds on highways make the nature of highway construction dangerous, which is why it is important to adhere to the posted speed limits. This helps avoid fines, injuries, death, and jail sentences. If multiple drivers are involved, the situation can get complicated, but rest assured, LaMarca Law Office has experience navigating these waters and collecting damages from multiple liable parties. Furthermore, in the event of a death, we can file wrongful death suits.

Did You Get Injured? Here is What to Do

If you suffer an injury at work, there are certain steps to take for your workers’ compensation claim. The steps for filing your claim and receiving your benefits should involve:

• You should inform your employer of the injury no more than 45 days from the date of occurrence.
• The state of Illinois allows employees who suffer injuries related to excessive doses of radiation 90 days to notify their employer.
• After your employer receives notice of the injury, they should get in contact with the insurance carrier or workers’ compensation administrator.
• From there, the employer must begin temporary total disability payments or provide you with a written explanation of the information they need or why your claim is denied.

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What to Do if Your Claim is Denied

If your claim gets denied, there are additional steps you can take to still pursue financial compensation. The first step is to get in contact with a reputable attorney for your workers’ compensation case to represent you during the proceeding and make sure that nothing is overlooked. Filing a claim doesn’t guarantee any action happening. It is up to you to take the steps in requesting a hearing to have your case heard. LaMarca Law Office knows the process of filing claims related to workers’ compensation, and with us as your legal representation, we can guarantee your case will be heard and, more often than not, result in a favorable resolution.

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