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Put our 40 years of experience to work for you.  We help our clients throughout Central Illinois who are victims of work injuries, auto accidents, and other mishaps caused by unsafe conditions or the negligence of others. Our firm specializes in workers’ compensation, car accidents, and personal injury law.

Premise Liability Attorney
Springfield Illinois

Faulty wiring, merchandise that is displayed in a hazardous fashion, or even loose carpeting are regarded as unsafe conditions and can result in a serious injury. It is the responsibility of business owners and property owners to ensure their environments are maintained and safe for consumers and guests. This can include walkways, parking lots, and staff that are hired. LaMarca Law Office has experience representing clients who need legal counsel for a business or organization’s inability to provide safe environments on their property.

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Premise Liability Claims

Hiring LaMarca Law Office for your premise liability claim means we review the facts of your case in detail, determining your best legal options and whether to pursue your claim. Typically, we focus on four things:

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Duty – What was the reason for your visit to the property? For example, were you a customer looking for a product in a store, staying at a hotel, or a house guest? If yes, then the owner of the property has a duty to provide basic care that ensures the safety of any guest on their property. In short, the owner has an obligation to protect you from any potential hazard that is on their property.

Breach – Did the property owner try to fix the condition or at least inform you of the hazard? If not, they failed to fulfill their obligation and could be held legally responsible for your injuries.

Causation – What was the contributor of your injuries? Was it the property owner’s negligence or the result of your own actions?

Damages – Although a property owner has an obligation to inform you of hazards, if no injury was suffered then “no harm, no foul” technically. However, if you do have injuries, you must be able to show proof of physical, emotional or financial injury.

Staying one step ahead of the game, in this case, understanding the defense that a property owner who is being accused of being at fault, is half of the battle. They could argue that you were trespassing, oblivious to an obvious hazard, or something along those lines. LaMarca Law Office has experience with premise liability claims and is ready for the case.

Types of Premise Liability Claims

Slip & Falls – This tends to be the result of wet floors, bad lighting, broken sidewalks, frayed carpeting or icy conditions. Furthermore, falls occur as the result of broken handrails and defected stairs.

Falling Objects – It isn’t uncommon for consumers to suffer injuries as the result of improperly stocked products on a salesfloor. This could also be a result of a construction worker dropping tools or equipment at construction sites.

Contamination – If landlords or property owners don’t undergo routine maintenance and inspections to ensure everything is working and operating safely, and as a result, you are subjected to mold buildup, exposure to paint chemicals, carbon monoxide or gas leaks, they can be accused of negligence.

Escalator and Elevator Injuries – Escalators and elevators need to be inspected on a routine basis to prevent malfunctions that may lead to serious injuries.

Negligent Security – Assaults that happen in shopping centers, places of business, apartment complexes, and hotels can be the fault of property owners and managers as a result of lack of security or ineffectively screening their employees.

Swimming Pool Accidents – Drownings and near-drownings can occur when property owners fail to maintain pool features like slides or diving boards and not install proper security measures like lifeguards, warning signs, etc. If you own a pool, you should also have it gated to keep children out and help prevent accidents.

premise liability claims springfield illinois

Compensation for Premise Liability

The mission of premise liability claims at LaMarca Law Office is to come to a resolution that is in your best interests. Our focus is to maximize the compensation that you are owed as a result of your injuries. We understand the extent of harm that unsafe property conditions result in, such as traumatic brain injuries, back injuries, spine injuries, fractures, burns, and much more. We work to pursue damages bestowed upon you such as:

• Medical Expenses
• Loss of Future Wages

• Pain & Suffering
• Emotional Distress

• Wrongful Death Damages
• Punitive Damages

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LaMarca Law Office is ready to handle your premise liability claim in Springfield, Illinois. We make it our mission to provide quality legal counsel and guidance, advocating for your best interests. Our attorneys understand the laws and your rights, and after hearing your case can make an educated decision on further legal options you can pursue. If you think you have a premise liability claim that you want to file, contact our legal office to schedule a consultation.

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