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Motorcycle Accident FAQ: Bloomington-Normal and Central Illinois Personal injury

Bloomington-Normal and Central Illinois Personal injury: Motorcycle Accident FAQ

The time you spend on your motorcycle should be filled with fun. Unfortunately, motorcycle crashes happen sometimes, and you should be prepared to deal with the aftermath if you are injured in one. Knowing a bit about Illinois law can help you to determine what course of action to take after the motorcycle accident.

motorcycle accident in Bloomington Normal and Central IllinoisDoes Illinois law error on the side of the motorist?

Illinois law treats all drivers the same, regardless of what they are driving. Motorcyclists are expected to follow the state’s traffic laws. Other drivers are expected to abide by right-of-way laws. One of the most common types of accidents involving a motorcycle and other vehicle occurs at an intersection. An amazing two-thirds of motorcycle-vehicle crashes are due to the other driver not giving the motorcyclist their due right of way.

What challenges occur in these cases?

One strong challenge in motorcycle accident cases is that people tend to think of bikers as lawless individuals who take unnecessary risks. Our Bloomington Normal, Illinois law firm works hard to battle against these preconceived notions. There might also be challenges in showing that you were riding safely at the time of the crash, but we can use our experience to find ways to do this.

How are these cases resolved?insurance claim form motorcycle accident in Bloomington Normal and Central Illinois

Motorcycle accident cases can be resolved either through a civil trial or through a settlement. It is up to you to determine what course you want to pursue. Your personal injury lawyer can explain the options to you so you can make an informed decision. Some people like to settle ahead of the trial so they can have the matter finalized sooner. Others take a chance on the jury with the hope that they will receive a larger award than what they would receive in a settlement.

How long do I have to file a claim?

Illinois law sets a statute of limitations of two years for personal injury cases, including those stemming from an auto accident. The time starts ticking at the time of the motorcycle accident, so be sure that you don’t let it slip by. If you don’t file your case by the deadline, you won’t have any legal recourse.



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