• Your Legal Counsel for Hit & Run Accidents in Springfield Illinois

    Were you injured in an accident and the suspect fled the scene? If so, that is a hit and run accident and you may be entitled to financial compensation for your injuries. LaMarca Law Office can help. We make it our mission to aggressively pursue those who commit hit and run crimes, always advocating for your best interests. In order to receive your financial compensation, you must take the necessary legal steps; we assist with the process, offering legal counsel along the way. This includes filing a police report and seeking necessary medical treatment within a certain timetable. Contact your local attorney at LaMarca Law Office to schedule your legal consultation.

  • Legal Options for Hit & Run Cases

    Being personal injury attorneys, we have seen hit and run cases too many times. It is against the law for the at-fault driver to flee the scene of an accident, but it happens. If you are involved in a hit and run accident, LaMarca Law Office has experienced attorneys who would love to provide legal counsel and advocate for your best interests. Suffering injuries in hit and run accidents results in medical bills and, sometimes, the inability to work, which can place you into a financial burden. Don’t waste time and let the person at fault evade their responsibility for your injuries; contact our legal office today to discuss your options.

  • Reasons for Hit & Runs

  • • A Warrant for Arrest
    • Drug/Alcohol Use

  • • Lack of Insurance
    • Immigration Status

  • • Fear of Prosecution
    • Suspended License

  • Contact Your Local Attorney

    Were you injured due to a hit and run accident? If so, call LaMarca Law Office to schedule your legal consultation and discuss your case with an experienced attorney. If you have an injury, you could be entitled to financial compensation. In the event of a death, we can file wrongful death suits for the family of hit and run victims. It is our goal to pursue justice and advocate for the financial compensation that you deserve. Contact LaMarca Law Office, your local attorney in Springfield, Illinois.