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Lawyer for Motorcycle
Accidents in Springfield Illinois

Motorcycle ownership is more than just a way of driving; it’s a lifestyle. It is the ultimate freedom on the open road. However, even with the proper gear and equipment, motorcycles are extremely dangerous on the road. Furthermore, wearing a helmet isn’t mandated by Illinois state law. Whether you are a motorcyclist involved in an accident or involved in an accident with a motorcyclist, contact LaMarca Law Office to help with your case. We’ll go over every detail of your injuries and the events leading up to the accident to build your personal injury case.

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Motorcycle Helmet Laws in Illinois

Motorcycles are dangerous even with the right protective gear; an accident can be extremely dangerous for motorcyclists. The state of Illinois does not require the driver of a motorcycle to wear a helmet, which means your risk of injury is that much greater if you choose not to wear one. Whether or not you wear a helmet has no effect on your personal injury case. If you’ve been struck by a motorcyclist or were injured in an accident while you were riding one, call LaMarca Law Office today.

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Contact Your Personal Injury Attorney

Motorcycle accidents and injuries are serious and can be costly. Don’t waste time; contact your local personal injury attorney in Springfield, Illinois today. LaMarca Law Office understands the severity of motorcycle accidents and how they can affect your life. The risk of serious injury is high with motorcycle accidents. Suffering from one can cast a financial burden on you, too, whether through medical bills or inability to work for pay. We can help you find compensation for your motorcycle injuries; contact us today to schedule a consultation!

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