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Put our 40 years of experience to work for you.  We help our clients throughout Central Illinois who are victims of work injuries, auto accidents, and other mishaps caused by unsafe conditions or the negligence of others. Our firm specializes in workers’ compensation, car accidents, and personal injury law.

Attorneys for Local Workers with Back Injuries

Did you pick up a heavy box at work and now your back is suffering? Whether it was an improper technique or another workplace-related accident, an experienced attorney can help pursue financial compensation or other benefits you could be entitled to. The most common workplace injury is a back injury, and it is even more frequent in physical labor jobs like construction. However, a physical job isn’t a mandatory pre-requisite in order to file a workers’ compensation claim. The benefits of working with experienced attorneys, like the ones at LaMarca Law Office, is that we have an extensive understanding of worker’s rights and what they are entitled to in the case of injury. A back injury can seriously hinder your ability to work, which affects your wages and your ability to pay bills. Our legal counsel helps keep financial stability in your household while you recover from your injuries.

Common Back Injuries in the Workplace

You don’t have to have a manual labor job for you to sustain a back injury while on the clock. While the construction field is more susceptible, the best thing to do for a smooth process is to notify your employer immediately. Some of the most common back injuries suffered on the job are:

• Spinal Cord Injuries
• Herniated Discs
• Sciatica

• Overuse Syndrome
• Repetitive Stress Injuries
• Nerve Damage

• Strained Muscles
• Torn Muscles
• Broken Vertebrae

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LaMarca Law Office collaborates with every client and listens intently because every detail matters. Just because your claim is denied by your employer doesn’t mean you aren’t entitled to compensation. If your claim is denied, contact our office immediately. The longer you wait, the harder it may be to reach a beneficial resolution for you. We will file your claim, schedule, and prepare for your hearing to advocate for your case, and pursue benefits that are in your best interests. To schedule a consultation with one of our attorneys, contact us today!

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