Motorcycle Accident FAQ: Bloomington-Normal and Central Illinois Personal injury

Bloomington-Normal and Central Illinois Personal injury: Motorcycle Accident FAQ The time you spend on your motorcycle should be filled with fun. Unfortunately, motorcycle crashes happen sometimes, and you should be prepared to deal with the aftermath if you are injured in one. Knowing a bit about Illinois law can help you to determine what course […]

Quincy IL Personal Injury Law: What can I do when my health insurance claim is denied?

Personal Injury Law: What to do if your health insurance claim is denied When you make health insurance claims, you expect to be treated and compensated according to your policy. However, for many families through Quincy and Central IL, their claims are denied, leaving them with high-cost medical bills that they’re supposed to pay out […]

A guide to construction injuries in Quincy, IL

Construction Injuries and Worker’s Compensation in Quincy, IL Construction workers face a relatively high risk of getting hurt at the workplace because construction sites pose numerous hazards for workers. It is, therefore, not a surprise that hundreds of thousands of construction workers file worker’s comp claims every year. Below is a discussion of the essential […]

Bloomington and Central IL personal injury: What is product liability?

Here’s what you should know about product liability: When it comes to legal jargon, common people can’t possibly be expected to know what those terms mean and how they apply to their life. While common terms such as workers’ comp and personal injury may sound familiar, something like product liability is a little more unknown […]

Collinsville, IL Personal Injury: How to appeal a workers’ comp claim denial

Denied workers’ comp claim? Here are your next steps… Have you been injured at work? If so, you’re probably trying to get workers’ compensation payments so you don’t miss valuable income while you’re away from work. However, the process doesn’t always work out so easily. Many times, claims for workers’ compensation are denied due to […]

Springfield, IL Workers’ Compensation: A guide to construction injuries

Here’s what you should know about construction injuries When it comes to the workplace, some jobs are more dangerous than others. While one can incur serious injuries regardless of their workplace, many occupations involve manual labor and the use of dangerous equipment that increases the risk for the workers and the companies that employ them. […]