• Workers’ Compensation: A Guide to Construction Injuries in Quincy Illinois

    November 26, 2019
  • Quincy Illinois Workers’ Compensation: A Guide to Construction Injuries

    Construction workers face a relatively high risk of getting hurt at the workplace because construction sites pose numerous hazards for workers. It is, therefore, not a surprise that hundreds of thousands of construction workers file worker’s comp claims every year. Below is a discussion of the essential things you should know about construction injuries and the legal remedies available in Illinois.

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    Types of Construction Injuries

    Injuries that affect construction workers range from minor to catastrophic injuries. The most common ones seen in workers compensation claims include;

    • Broken bones and fractures
    • Shoulder injuries such as rotator cuffs
    • Sprain and strains
    • Back injuries such as herniated disks
    • Knee injuries such as menisci and torn ligaments

    Not All Workers Can File Lawsuits

    The workers’ compensation system in Illinois is designed to minimize personal injury court cases filed by workers. Generally speaking, workers get a fixed schedule of benefits in exchange for their right to sue. However, there are several exemptions to this provision, most of which apply to construction workers due to the complex situations associated with construction sites.

    When Can Workers Sue?

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    According to Illinois State’s workers’ compensation laws, injured workers can file civil suits in the following circumstances:
    • The injury has occurred because the Illinois workplace safety regulations have been violated
    • The worker is injured while working by a product that is defective
    • The worker is disabled while traveling to work or working with another professional in the field.
    These three situations occur quite often in the construction sector. Construction workers who find themselves injured under such circumstances should be aware that they have a right to sue. They should seek the assistance of a personal injury attorney in Quincy, IL to ensure that their rights are not violated and that they get a fair amount of workers’ compensation.

    Third-Party Claims

    While the law regulating injured workers’ compensation in Illinois prohibits workers from filing lawsuits against employers for workplace injuries in most circumstances, injured workers have a right to sue other parties that may be responsible for the accident. These are known as third parties’ causes of action. Therefore, if you are injured while working at a construction site but someone else other than your employers is fully or partially responsible for your injury, you can sue them in addition to filing a worker’s compensation claim.

    The Takeaway

    Overall, it is apparent that the question of whether you should file a civil suit for injuries sustained while working on a construction site can be quite tricky to answer. Get a personal injury attorney in Quincy, Illinois to help you determine the right step to take.