• Decatur, Springfield, and Jacksonville IL Workers’ Compensation: When can I get permanent disability benefits after a workers’ comp claim?

    April 22, 2019
  • Here are the restrictions for permanent disability benefits:

    When it comes to workers’ compensation, it can be hard to understand where you fit in, what benefits you’re eligible for and how to go about receiving those benefits. In these situations, a qualified workers’ compensation lawyer is a great asset as they’ll understand the ins and outs of these cases and what you’ll need to do to receive the benefits that you deserve. With this in mind, we’ve taken the time to put together some basic information that will help you make the right choices should you ever become a candidate for permanent disability benefits. Read below and contact the LaMarca Law Office for more details.

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    What is permanent disability?

    Permanent disability is a workers’ compensation designation that means your injuries have prohibited you from performing all of your job duties. Permanent disability benefits mean that you’d receive some payment for the rest of your life. However, receiving permanent disability payments is not as easy as receiving temporary payments.  It tends to be a long process that’s only worth it if you’re truly worthy of permanent payments.

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    Who is eligible for permanent disability?

    As stated before, the eligibility rules for disability and workers’ compensation can be tricky. However, the basic eligibility requirements are stated below. Please discuss your specific situation with a qualified attorney before making any decision:

    • You must be eligible under your employer’s workers’ comp policy
    • You must have an illness or injury that’s covered by the workers’ comp policy
    • You must have filed a workers’ comp claim and adhered to all procedures and deadlines
    • You must follow all state-specific workers’ comp policies

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    When will I see my benefits?

    Unfortunately, you won’t see your benefits until a doctor has deemed you “MMI,” meaning you’ve reached your maximum medical improvement, and your injuries are not likely to improve. If this declaration limits you from performing your job duties, you’ll be deemed permanently disabled. However, this isn’t the end, depending on the severity of your disability, you’ll be awarded benefits based on your disability rating, which represents how much your injury hinders you. There is not a set timetable for this process, and it could take a long time, depending on the severity and nature of your injury.

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    Will I get paid in the meantime?

    Fortunately, if you followed all of the rules set forth by your state, you will be getting some form of compensation in the meantime. You’ll be receiving temporary disability payments, which are calculated based on your income, hours worked and more.

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    What if there’s a problem?

    Unfortunately, sometimes injured workers don’t receive the proper amount of benefits, or they get denied for a technicality. If there are problems with your workers’ comp payments, you need to call a local attorney that can help with your claim.