• Bloomington, IL Workers’ Compensation: What if my company Won’t File a Workmans Comp Claim?

    February 26, 2019
  • Here’s what to do when your company doesn’t comply

    In a perfect world, an injured worker communicates with his or her company, files a workers’ comp claim and receives benefits for the time not worked due to that specific injury. However, unfortunately, that’s not always how things work. In fact, your employer may choose not to a file a claim on your behalf, leaving you and your family high and dry while you’re unable to work. In these instances, you can’t sit there and let a dishonest employer get away with skirting his responsibilities to his employees. But, what can you do? Here are a few things you can do and steps that you can take if your employer is choosing to neglect to file a claim on your behalf.

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    Consult an Attorney

    The first step to take if this happens to you is to contact an attorney that has a reputation for workers’ compensation cases. They’ll have the information needed to help you start the process of contesting your employer’s actions. Whether it’s certain documents or advice on how to handle interactions with your employer, your attorney will have valuable advice that will help throughout the process. Additionally, they’ll be able to focus on the finer details of your cause, allowing you to take the time you need to recuperate and heal.

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    Gather Documentation

    The next step and something that your lawyer will talk to you about is gathering the necessary documentation to prove your claims. This includes any evidence of the injury at work, testimonies from cooperating colleagues, documents and more. The more documentation you can gather, the better chance you give yourself at winning the case.

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    Seek Medical Care

    Another step you should be taking is seeking proper medical care. Medial documentation is excellent evidence and may sway your case in the right direction. Make sure you’re using your own doctor and not anyone associated with your employer or anybody that you work with.

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    Act Quickly

    It’s important that you act quickly if you work for an employer that has neglected to file a claim on your behalf. These systems have complicated procedures that require so many days’ notice before and after an injury. If they delay for long enough, your claim may be lost forever. Call now to pursue the compensation that you deserve!